Terre Haute Tourism Oversight Committee Members to Visit Steering Committee of Sioux City Tourism Convention for Discussions Regarding Possible Tourism Tie-Up

Mr. Alexander Humphreys, the owner and operator of Terre Haute Plumbing Services and the chairman of the Terre Haute Tourism Oversight Committee, a voluntary organization connected to the local chamber of commerce, told the steering committee of the Sioux City Tourism Convention last week that he and two of his committee members will soon be visiting Sioux City.

They will be coming, he said, to discuss possible tourism tie-ups that Terre Haute and Sioux City could make to boost tourism to both cities.

Sioux City and Terre Haute are both small cities with small populations (82,000 and 61,000 respectively), and they are separated by only 650 miles, so there is a great deal that they have in common—or that they could have in common if they looked hard enough.



And that is why Mr. Humphreys and his committee members are coming here to Sioux City: they are coming so that they can, working together with us, look at what our two cities might have in common and at how we could use that to help each other boost tourism.

The chairman of the Terre Haute Tourism Oversight Committee is the first big “fish” that the Steering Committee of the Sioux City Tourism Convention has managed to catch. But he will not be the last.

As we explained to the general convention at our last meeting, we on the Steering Committee are deeply committed to expanding our relationship with potentially dozens of different similar-sized cities in the near future.

We have already put out feelers to Lakewood, Florida, to San Leandro, California, to Roswell, Georgia, to Yuma, Arizona, and to a dozen other smaller cities in the 50,000 to 90,000 population range.

It is our opinion that there are a great many small cities in the U.S. that would appreciate the idea of working together with other small cities to mutually boost tourism activities, and it is our goal to make it happen.

Terre Haute is only the beginning. There is much more to come!